Automotive companies that handle sensitive data can boost their credibility with a TISAX® certification. 

And while getting certified can be complicated, services like ISMS Connect make the process easier by providing step-by-step guides on the subject along with access to a team of consultants for TISAX®.

However, TISAX® certification (or: TISAX® Assessment) also comes with costs. Read on to find out more about the cost of TISAX® certification.

Overview of TISAX® Certification Costs

TISAX® certification costs vary depending on your assessment scope, company size, external auditor fees ($5,000 to $10,000), and so on. There are also fixed costs, such as the registration fee (approx. $500 per site).

During your assessment, you may require a follow-up audit if your auditor discovers gaps in your ISMS.

TISAX® Certification Validity

The TISAX® certification expires after three years. At this point, you’ll need to recertify to keep your certification valid.

Breakdown of Different Costs

Alongside your certification fees, you should also consider the cost of preparing for the assessment:

  • Consulting fees
  • Scoping
  • Gap analyses
  • Internal assessments
  • Developing documentation
  • Security awareness programs
  • Certification body fees
  • External audit fees
  • Corrective action plans
  • Follow-up audits

Overall, TISAX® certification costs can range anywhere starting from $10,000 for smaller companies up to between $50,000 and $200,000.

Different Costs of Auditing Services

  • Assessment fees: Usually, a fixed fee is paid to the ENX Association.
  • Auditing fees: Differs according to the assessment scope, ISMS complexity, travel costs, and company size.

Auditing fees are also affected by the number of locations involved in the audit, the number of employees interviewed, the length of the audit, and the TISAX® label you’re aiming for.

What are the Ongoing Costs?

Compliance Monitoring and Remediation Costs

To maintain your TISAX® certification, you must continue conducting internal assessments or gap analyses to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your ISMS, upgrade your software and security controls, train your staff, and update policies and procedures accordingly.

Audit and Assessment Renewals

Certification renewals occur every 3 years — the cost of renewal may differ due to changes in the TISAX® framework (VDA® ISA), your assessment level, and your organizational structure.

Internal Resources

Maintaining TISAX® compliance means continuously improving your ISMS, which involves the use of internal resources and monitoring your information security.

Continuous Improvement and Training

You must evaluate and improve your information security procedures periodically and keep your employees well-trained on these practices.

How can I Optimize my Costs?

Here are some tips for reducing TISAX® certification costs:

  • Start planning for the assessment early on so you have more time to allocate resources, implement changes, and organize activities.
  • Use ISMS Connect document outlines & templates to meet TISAX® requirements quickly.

Ready-made templates save you time & money

Developed for ISO® 27001 and TISAX® requirements.

Templates contain built-in tips and instructions.

More than 60 documents — prewritten, prefilled, dead simple.

Step-by-step instruction and tips.

  • Learn and understand the TISAX® requirements to avoid follow-up assessments.
  • If your company is quite new to TISAX® or small, try opting for the lowest assessment level to reduce auditing costs.
  • Implement cost-effective technology in your ISMS.
  • Research TISAX® auditors near your location to minimize travel costs.
  • Hire consultants from services like ISMS Connect to streamline your TISAX® preparation.

Unlimited Support

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TISAX® certification costs can vary greatly based on several factors, including your assessment scope and company size. For more details on the costs involved, contact our expert consultants at ISMS Connect or read through our comprehensive guides on TISAX® certification.

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