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Definition of Scope

Information Security Policy

2. Control documents & management


Training concept

Key performance indicators (KPI)

Inventory of assets

Document control procedure

Appointment information security officer

2.1 Audits


Audit program

Audit procedure

Audit protocol

2.2 Management review


Management review procedure

Management review

2.3 Risk management


Risk management procedure

Risk assessment

2.4 Identification of requirements


Legal cadastre

Interested parties

Further requirements

Identification of requirements

2.5 Plan of action


Action plan

Procedure for implementing corrective measures

2.6 SoA (ISO 27001)


Statement of applicability (SOA)

Evaluation of norm compliance

3. Policies & Measures


Patch management

Malware protection policy

Logging policy

IT cloud provider directory

IT procurement policy

Development policy

Password policy

Network security policy

Information classification policy

Disposal policy

Cryptography policy

Clean desk policy

Backup policy

Access policy

3.1 Information security incident management


List of incidents

Handling of incidents

Emergency plan

3.2 Supplier Policy


Supplier self-disclosure form

Supplier policy – supplier assessment

Supplier policy

Supplementary agreement with suppliers

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Granted contractor accesses

3.3 Change management


List of changes

Change management

3.4 Mobile device management


Asset handover protocol

Issuing mobile devices to employees

Mobile device and remote working policy

3.5 Human resources


Personnel security policy

On-off-reboarding checklist

Contract addendum information security and confidentiality statement

Access rights checklist

3.6 Project management


List of projects

Project management

4. Additional Documents


VDA® ISA 5.0.4 EN prefilled

Explanation of the structure of the documents

4.1 Mapping table


ISMS Toolkit mapping table ISO 27001

ISMS Toolkit mapping table for VDA® ISA 5.0

4.2 Templates


Templates for new tables

Template for new documents

Feature #2 - Guides & Knowledge

Guidance for your project

Implement VDA® ISA 5.1 & TISAX®

Learn how VDA® ISA 5.1 & TISAX® works and how to get certified. The Guides leads you step-by-step through all requirements.

Introduction to ISO® 27001

Learn how to Implement the leading ISMS standard. This Guide is currently in beta and will be expanded to a full step-by-step guide soon.

See a full example on how our guides work:

For each chapter, we provide a full explanation on how to fulfill everything expected from you

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Unlimited Support

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Expert rounds

In our Expert Round sessions, experts and consultants meet to discuss questions, new developments and best practices.

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Christopher Eller is ISMS Connect's founder, and an InfoSec professional with 12+ years of experience across IT, security, compliance and automotive industries. TÜV® Süd Certified as ISO® 27001 Auditor, DPO & Risk Manager.

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ISMS Connect was founded in 2017 by Christopher Eller.

To accelerate our vision, we built a product that makes compliance easy & affordable.

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Bennet Vogel

Bennet Vogel is an experienced information security consultant with 14+ years experience in the financial and IT industry. IRCA-Certified Lead Auditor for ISO® 9001 & ISO® 27001 and TÜV® Rheinland certified ISO for TISAX®.

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