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Released October 2020

Version 2020-10

New Features
  • Clearer and easier structure of the documents
    We have made the structure more user-friendly by improving the simplicity of the documents.  We have also changed the document type to Word and Excel documents to achieve a very good readability for the customer. Additional we improved the visual appearance for increasing the motivation to work with the templates.

  • Additional new content
    We improved the amount of content by adding more document templates. We added the fallowing templates: Audit procedure, management review, risk management procedure, training concept, IT administration policy, password policy, network security policy and physical access policy. So we ensure an even better and easier implementation of your ISMS.

  • Multilingualism
    We translated the whole toolkit into the english language for our customer. So now even english speaking customer can use our templates and can now easily implement their ISMS. 

  • Extension of examples
    For an easier understanding we added more examples or extended the already existing examples in the templates. So nearly for every case you get an idea why this request is necessary and how to implement it in your company.
  • Adapt responsibilities
  • Extended description of the implementation
  • Provision of a much more comprehensive template
  • Revision of the description of procedures
  • Reflection of the revisions risk assessment table
  • Revision of the acceptance criteria
  • Fundamental revision
  • Introduction of the separation between general & management documents
  • Revising the process and including examples of legal requirements, interested parties and other requirements
  • Expand explanation target group orientation
  • Change method measurement of success
  • Integration procedure for measures
  • Adaption of the right assessment description
  • Inclusion of extended information about the DIN standard
  • Removal of chapter three (related information) as this is often not necessary or can be included in the procedure description
  • Shorten chapter one by transferring various data (application area, responsibilities) to the document header

Released September 2018

Version 2018

New Features
  • First released
    We have created a package of document templates that facilitate the implementation of an ISMS (Information Security Management System) based on ISO 27001. 

  • Continuous improvement process
    Through customer feedback we have added continuous improvements, adjustments and enhancements until the next release