Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Implementation of measures and processes

Before you start to implement the guidelines, you should edit the document “Document control procedure” and thus define your document control. This is intended to ensure that documents & guidelines are always up-to-date and correspond to a uniform and repeatable structure that guarantees the secure and uniform handling of all documents. The complete life cycle of the documents within the ISMS is also regulated here. As always, the slogan is “Keep the procedure as simple as possible”, because then your ISMS will also become as complex as possible.

Tip: Use systems that automatically maintain the necessary metadata (version number, modification date, etc.) and access rights for document control. This greatly reduces the effort and the susceptibility to errors for you.

Tip: You can also create the documents in the form of a Wiki, as there is also a release workflow stored in the system and a change history is automatically created.

The policies and measures are all located under the third folder of the toolkit. There you will find in the documents what is meant by the respective guidelines and how they should be implemented. These thus cover the requirements of the VDA ISA catalogue and bring your ISMS into a very good status.