Terms of Service

§ 1 - Scope

  1. The offer of is aimed exclusively at business customers (companies, legal entities, persons under public law). Private customers are excluded.

§ 2 - Offer

  1. The products offered are information on the information security standard ISO27001.
  2. Access is provided through a login generated during the order process in an online portal. The central function of the online portal is that it is a Online-community. Your name (can be pseudonymized in the profile settings) and your optionally defined profile photo appear in the forum or, for example, in webinars and online courses of the Academy. Be aware that other users of ISMS Connect can see your identity.
  3. The different packages contain different versions of the available information. Please refer to the “Price” page with the comparative presentation of the different packages.
  4.  The information offered in the portal is regularly updated, renewed and replaced. The content is changed based on new standards, findings or changed best practices.
  5. The information can be downloaded at any time if permanent access to a single version of the knowledge base is desired. The provision of older & replaced content by ISMS Connect cannot be guaranteed.
  6. Offered online events and online seminars will take place at different frequencies depending on the number of participants. A guarantee therefore does not exist. If no event has taken place within a billing period, we will gladly compensate you with an hour of personal consultation.

§ 2.1 - Toolkit Documents

  1.  The information is in the form of recommendations on how certain courses of action could be implemented in business practice.
  2. The information is available in typical file formats (ZIP, PDF, XLSX, DOCX).

§ 2.2 - Academy

  1.  These are courses and information which are processed in chronological order to gain knowledge about information security typical for the industry.
  2. In addition, this knowledge is supported by e-mails and offered video sessions (using industry-standard tools such as “Zoom” or “Microsoft Teams”) with ISMS Connect employees. The frequency of video courses offered varies based on the number of participants.
  3. The information is displayed online in a browser and sent by email.

§ 2.3 - Connect

  1. It is an online forum where ISMS Connect users can exchange information about their real name (standard) or a preferred name.
  2. The forum is moderated to ensure a polite interaction and to limit the discussion to information security. Access to the forum can therefore be restricted temporarily or permanently if this is required by the moderation.
  3. It is not permitted to use the forum for the purpose of customer acquisition or self-advertising unless you are directly requested to do so (e.g. the request to post open job offers). 
  4. In addition, ISMS Connect online events are offered, which can be used for exchange. The frequency of the events varies based on the number of participants.

§ 2.4 - Assistance

  1. This is a contact option to ask any questions about the product and its use in writing or via video chat to ISMS Connect.
  2. Answers will be given to the best of our knowledge and belief, a response time cannot be guaranteed.
  3. A written support does not replace an actual personal consultation with a reasonable amount of time.

§ 2.5 - Consulting

  1. In addition to the plans a personal consultation can be booked.
  2. The consultation takes place by appointment by telephone, video conference or on site (according to agreed travel costs).

§ 3 - Prices and payment

  1. As the offer is directed exclusively at business customers, the prices are net prices. The value added tax is shown in the shopping cart of the online shop as well as in the order confirmation.
  2. All plans offered for access to the ISMS Connect platform are annual subscriptions. Renewal is automatic after one year. The subscription can be cancelled at any time via the customer login.
  3. ISMS Connect offers payment by payment service provider (e.g. Stripe for credit card and SEPA direct debit or also Paypal). This is to offer a simplified process. However, there is no claim to one of these payment methods.
  4. If payment at the time of ordering or automatic renewal of the subscription is not possible with the means offered (e.g. due to a change of provider, technical problems or rejection of your payment method by the payment service provider), payment must be made immediately to the account indicated on the invoice (e.g. by bank transfer).

§ 3.1 - Return

  1. They are allowed to cancel the purchase contract within 30 calendar days after purchase without giving reasons.
  2. The right of use granted under § 5 shall then expire permanently. You are obliged to delete all documents and information obtained and any copies completely. 

§ 4 - Shipping and availability

  1. After ordering, an e-mail is automatically sent out containing the necessary login data for the portal (name, password, URL).
  2. Access to the platform, like any technical platform, may be restricted by problems. If, within a billing cycle of one year, unavailability occurs for a total of more than 14 days, this period will be added to the subscription.
  3. After your subscription has expired (e.g. after cancellation), the customer login to the portal remains valid. You can use this to reactivate the subscription or to delete all data.

§ 5 - Use of the documents provided

  1. The document templates, training courses, information packages and everything you find on the portal are the intellectual property of Christopher Eller and are only intended for use by our customers.
  2. You can download this information and use it internally for your company beyond the subscription period without limitation. 
  3. It is not permitted to pass on the templates to third parties, not even in modified form.
  4. The use of the templates in other companies outside the customer’s company (e.g. for consulting purposes) is only permitted in the corresponding “White Label” package. However, the use is limited to the complementary use of the templates in the customer’s own consulting business. Distribution of the templates, e.g. through an online shop or advertising them on a website, is not permitted.

§ 6 - Amendment of the terms and conditions

  1. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, even within the existing contract. This may be necessary, for example, in the event of a change in the legal situation or a significant change in the scope of the current ISO27001 standard (around which our product revolves). We will inform you, if you are affected by the change, at least 14 days in advance.
  2. You have the possibility to appeal against the change. If you object, we will try to continue to base your contractual relationship on the old Terms. If this is economically unreasonable for us or not possible for other organisational reasons, we will refund the purchase price for the annual subscription on a pro rata basis.
  3. In the case of automatic renewal of subscriptions, the Terms current at that date shall apply.

§ 7 - Provision of the offer

The offer at is provided by:

ISMS Connect
Owner: Christopher Eller
Barbarossastrasse 61
63571 Gelnhausen