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Basic steps of VDA ISA implementation

In the following chapters, we will provide you with a roadmap that will help you understand how an ISMS is built and how best to proceed if you want to implement an ISMS in your organization. The order is chosen so that it is as easy as possible for you to set up the ISMS. We also provide them with the flow and important steps of the TISAX process.

The following topics deal with the folders “1 – Guidance documents” and “2 – Control documents & Management“. You can flexibly process and implement the document templates in the folder “3 – Guidelines & Measures“. There is no specific order here that would make it easier for you.

In general, you will always find a chapter in the respective document templates that explains the goal and purpose. In many cases, there are also examples that can help you to understand.

Free literature can be found on the ENX Association page. The participant manual is available there. You should also download the VDA ISA Catalogue 5.0 from the VDA website. Before the audit you should be familiar with both documents, as this will show the auditor that you have dealt with them.