Definition of Terms

You can use this for better understanding of the technical terms or rather to clarify what the norm understands of this term.

Technical termExplanation
AdministratorPerson responsible for the operation, installation, control and maintenance of IT systems and networks
AccessGain insight into internal company knowledge or information
AssetAnything of value to the company to achieve its business objectives
AuditFormal control of the processes, effectiveness and appropriateness of the implemented measures and review of the guidelines and documentation.
AuthenticationChecking whether the issued identity matches the actual identity
AuthorizationThe assignment of rights and permissions for respective persons or groups
AvailabilityAccess to data within the maximum permissible downtime
Business continuityThe plan and management to guarantee the company’s ability to act
Cloud computingThe use of computer resources (e.g. hardware & software) which are used over a network.
ComplianceCompliance with legal requirements, regulations and standards or requirements through contracts
ISOInformation security officer