Meet ISMS Connect

We empower organisations of any size adopt information security management and become certified to help them grow, stay compliant, and protect their business.

Our Vision

Democratizing information security management and standards certification

Why we are here

Information security compliance used to be complex & costly

Information security is not simple. ISMS implementation and ISO 27001 / VDA TISAX certification used to be long and expensive process. While level of complexity of ISMS depends on business context, there are many requirements, controls, policies and documentation mandatory even for startups and small business. Organisations, managers and IT professionals often struggle with how, when, and where they should start implementing ISMS. Without a clear strategy, step-by-step plan and the help of a third party, achieving certification take months of research, trial and error.

Our Mission & Objectives

On the mission to make information security more accessible for small & medium businesses, simplify ISMS implementation and help more organizations get certified

ISMS Connect goal is to help organizations of all sizes practically implement information security programs within their organization, establish and maintain ISMS, and meet compliance. We do this by creating innovative InfoSec products, trainings, and services in line with internationally recognized information security standards.

Our Innovative Solution

ISMS Toolkit is the only solution that includes all tools, services and knowledges needed to increase ISMS implementation efficiency using single, integrated solution

ISMS Community

Discover, connect, and level up with the leading InfoSec experts, IT professionals, managers, and other companies like yours.

ISMS Assistance

Live support, and on-demand information security consulting through the ISMS implementation and certification project.

ISMS Documentation

Ready-to-go documentation set includes all you need to implement ISMS and meet ISO and TISAX compliance.

ISMS Academy

Learn information security management and get certified with step-by-step actionable online courses.

Who we work with

450+ Secured customers certified across Germany & EU

We help small and mid-sized organizations from all sectors across Germany and the EU succeed in their cybersecurity program, gain a competitive advantage, certify their ISMS with internationally recognized standards faster and at the lowest cost.
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Our Principles

Customer success is our priority #1

We exist to make the world-class success of our clients a tangible reality by delivering products and dedicated service that consistently exceeds expectation.


We continually build new and innovative products combining our creativity and expertise. We never stop solving problems, learning, and improving what we do. It moves us to think differently. We push ourselves to expand and surpass our capabilities and to stay one step ahead in everything we do.


We are accountable for results. Our team operates with a high level of professionalism and integrity in everything we do. We take ownership for our actions and account for the success and failures that follow. We keep our promises, pursue opportunities, and deliver results that value you.


We take the time to understand our customers' businesses and are fully dedicated to helping them achieve their goals, both through continuous product improvement and day-to-day operational support. We empower our clients to focus on growth, allowing them to achieve results in a shorter time frame.


We believe that being transparent helps businesses and individuals build trust, to perform at higher levels and therefore to succeed in today’s digital economy. As such we will be transparent about our business, our goals, our processes, our success, and inevitably our failures.

Long Term Vision

We aim to build the product that will be ready for tomorrow's challenges. We never stop improving our products and services. We do this by focusing on our customers' real business needs, building systems that are reliable and sustainable over time, and planning for the future.

Thrive Together

We build each other up. Together we can achieve more than we could alone. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and each contribute our own skills to help us all be great. Where we lack knowledge someone has gained expertise, helping one another to succeed, inspired by each others' achievements.

Our Story

ISMS Connect was founded on the belief that a there is better standartized way to build and maintain an ISMS.

To accelerate this vision we spent years to built solution can help thousands of IT professionals and organizations to secure, meet compliance, grow their business and careers by building ISMS faster and more efficient.
ISMS Connect was founded in 2016 was founded by Christopher Elle as a result of experience as a data protection officer and information security officer while working at a supplier in the automotive / aerospace industry. It was started with mission to allow sharing the knowledge about ISMS and certification best practices with companies, allowing successful and secure. We had a vision that a huge part of consulting can be standardized and share to allow all companies to participate and access a growing knowledge and experience.

So that our flagship product – ISMS Toolkit was designed to help executives, directors and information security professionals develop a sustainable approach to information security management supporting the rapid growth of a company. Today, we are proud to be connected with hundreds of companies from Germany and EU that we helped to set up ISMS and get successfully certified.

Our Team

Team of highly professional InfoSec industry veterans and IT experts who share the same mission. Fully dedicated to customer’s success.

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Eller

Christopher is ISMS Connect founder, and a InfoSec professional with 8 years of experience across information security, compliance, automotive and aerospace induestries.

Co-Founder, Head of Product

Jonas Ballreich

Jonas is ISMS Connect founder, and a InfoSec professional with 8 years of experience across information security, compliance, automotive and aerospace induestries. .

Head of Marketing

Max Iver

Max is digital marketing expert responsible for the day-to-day marketing efforts of the company, creating opportunities to connect with various organization and industry leaders.

Customer Success Manager

Lina Wagner

Lina helps customers make the most out of their ISMS jouney through strategic engagements and empathetic communication, working with customers to find a solution

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