Live support, and on-demand consulting through the whole ISMS project.

Implement ISMS yourself with step-by-step guidance and support

ISMS Toolkit includes everything you need to implement ISMS yourself – with our readymade documentation, built-in guidance, step-by-step course, and community support. If there is anything you can not handle, or need further advice on a specific topic, we will be there for you, only a click away.

Do it yourself with step-by-step guidance, support, and assistance through the whole ISO27001 / TISAX ISMS implementation project.

Together with your ISMS Toolkit membership, you get access to unlimited email support, documentation review, Q&A video sessions, and 1hr. expert consultation to ensure that you get the right support, at the right time.

Purchase additional hours of live expert consultation when you need some extra consulting above your membership plan.

We provide you with the entire process and all guidance you need to implement ISMS, but if you have any specific questions or need additional expert consulting above your membership plan limits., we offer our services on demand. 

ISMS implementation is complex, time-consuming, and expensive

Implementing an ISMS can be costly and time-consuming. It requires professional guidance, specialist expertise, and can take months – or even years – to implement. Hiring an external information security consultant can be too expensive and out of budget.

Setting up an ISMS for your company can be a lot to take on. It requires a lot documentation which all need to be reviewed and put together by someone who has the technical know-how.

Often security managers don’t have the budget to do it right. Or they try too hard to create everything from scratch—throwing their whole security budget at it in one go. Unfortunately, this leads to an endless cycle of new implementations, with no progress made towards reaching your goals.

There is plenty of information security consulting companies out there that can provide an ISMS but they often charge a lot for their services and required additional onboarding projects.
While external consultants are a good option for top-level companies, they are too expensive and time-consuming for small to medium enterprises. The cost of hiring an external consultant often is pretty high and required additional
time to find and manage it.

Experience professionals love, with the benefits your business needs

ISMS Connect Toolkit eliminates common issues, resource expenses during ISMS implementation

Implement yourself with ISMS Toolkit and Assistance

Learn and implement ISMS yourself from scratch in-house

Hire an external consultant that will set up ISMS for you.

With the help of your expertise and advice, we were able to understand and meet the requirements more quickly. ISO 27001 could be implemented promptly and the certification body attested us excellent preparation.
Dr. Olaf Pätz
Managing Director Outerscore GmbH
Expert Support & assistance to Implement ISMS

Get started fast with documentation built-in tips, follow step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process, and receive support from experts when you need it.

Start instantly

Get started ISMS instantly without onboarding projects. No consultants, no time-consuming meeting and implementation projects. Today’s risks require fast action and agility. 

Assistance thorough the process

With ISMS Toolkit you will receive all necessary tools, knowledge and implementation support to effectively setup ISMS yourself and get ISO27001 or VDA TISAX certified.

ISMS implementation roadmap

The toolkit will guide you through every step of the ISMS implementation, from zero to full compliance information security management system ready to ISO certified.

Project kick-off

This one-hour initial meeting with an expert takes the guesswork out of the first steps in your project, offers practical tips, answers your questions, and helps you get started off on the right foot. 

Step-by-step guidance

Implement the standards of ISO 27001 or VDA TISAX with clear instructions on how to establish Information Security Management System (ISMS) in your company.

Unlimited email support

Our team are ready to provide responsive email support at any time during your implementation project. Each question will be answered within 24 hours by our implementation experts.

Documentation review

Make your ISO27001 / VDA TISAX audit easier and more successful. Get your ready documents reviewed by an expert to ensure everything is filled right and compliant with the standards.

Support from community

Ask our community of experts any question or help you needs. We’ll help you find the answer or someone who has expertise will give you an informed and detailed answer.

Pre-audit check
With our Pre-audit check, you can be sure that the documentation and processes are up-to-date and correct before the RCB conducts a Certification Audit.
What kind of questions do we answer?

Get the right support and assistance with every stage of your ISMS implementation. Our team is on hand to ensure your project runs smoothly, and your organization benefits from the ISO27001 / TISAX information security management system implementation.

Get in-depth answers on question like:

Industry best practices + years of experience

Created by a team of infosec practitioners with in-depth knowledge and many years of hands-on experience in information security

We’re on the global mission to help 100,000 professionals learn and implement ISMS

ISMS Connect was founded in 2015 in Berlin by an enthusiastic team who wanted to make information security easily available for everyone. We are here to provide tools, training, and support to small and medium organizations looking to implement and maintain an information security management system (ISMS) and get ISO 27001:2013 or VDA® ISA / TISAX® certified.


years of hands-on experience in information security and ISMS implementation.


clients from 5 countries secured and certified


ISMS Toolkit documents prepared and reviewed against ISO® and VDA® requirements.
We found it very enriching to be able to achieve our planned certification so quickly and with such a high level of quality with the help of the toolkit and the great advice. Thanks a lot for this support.
Klemens Vatterodt
Team Lead Service Delivery, COYO GmbH
Unlock access to all products with ISMS toolkit membership

Get full access to everything you need to set up ISMS in one single membership.

Start instantly with 15 days no-risk money-back guarantee​

Readymade documentation for ISO 27001:2013 & VDA® ISA / TISAX®. Templates set with step-by-step implementation guidance

Contains 60+ documents of policies, controls, processes, and procedures to implement ISMS yourself, meet requirements of the ISO27001 and VDA® ISA / TISAX® standard, protect customer data and make your business more secure.

Live support, documents review and assistance through the whole ISMS implementation project.

Toolkit includes everything you need to implement ISMS yourself. If there is something you can not handle, or need further advice, we will be there for you, only a click away. Get access to unlimited email support, documentation review, video sessions, and 1 hour expert consultation to ensure everything is compliant with the standards.

ISMS Connect Community for Businesses & People in Infosec Industry

Learn, connect, and level up with the leading ISMS experts and other professionals like you. We here to help you improve your information security stay on top of the latest ISMS best practices, learn how to manage risks, protect data and get certified. Find the job opportunities and grow as a professional.

Learn information security management and get certified with step-by-step actionable online trainings.

ISMS Academy is a structured information security learning path to assist organizations in managing information security. Academy provides everything you need to get started on your journey towards ISMS implementation and certification. Tailored courses on best practices, standards, policies, and much more. Accessible from any device, anywhere.

The toolkit includes everything you need to implement ISMS yourself. If there is something you can not handle, or need further advice, we will be there for you, only a click away. Together with your membership, you receive access to ISMS implementation training, documentation built-in step-by-step guidance, unlimited email support, documentation review, video sessions, help from the community, and 1-hour expert consultation to ensure everything is compliant with the standards.

No, we don’t offer certification. Our goal is to help you set up an information security management system yourself with ISMS Toolkit and prepare your organization for the certification audit. To arrange certification, you need to contact a Registered Certification Body (RCB) in your region who will conduct a two-stage audit to verify that you are compliant with standard requirements.

Yes, sure. We believe information security doesn’t need to be hard. Our goal is to give companies the tools they need to tackle the topic of “information security” themselves. ISMS Toolkit designed to help you implement ISMS yourself with step-by-step guidance and support without time and budget consuming external consulting services.

Yes, but can be a variety of persons like IT manager, quality manager, or something close to IT, Data protection officer also possible. We also offer the position of external ISO as a bookable service.

Yes, we can help you with auditor assessment. In addition to support and assistance through the process, we would be happy to advise and support you with audits with our customizable service options.

Yes, we provide Consulting starting small (15 minute slots) for smaller help / single question up to full consulting over the whole process, carrying out project with you / for you. No fixed project prices, only pay what you need / request.

We’ve got you covered with step-by-step implementation tutorials, 1 hours consultaiton, 5 documents review, unlimited email support, help from community and more. If there is something you can not handle, or need further advice, we will be there for you, only a click away. You can purchase additional hours of one-to-one live expert consultation when you need some extra consulting above your membership plan. Feel free to contact us here or throuh your member dashboard to request consulting session.

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